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Seal and protect your hardscape surfaces!

We cannot overstress the importance of maintaining your patios. Since 1998 over 7.4 billion square feet of concrete pavers have been installed in the U.S. That's amazing – and that doesn't even include concrete or natural stone patios or drives. But did you know that only 5% of them have been sealed and are properly maintained.

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Useful tips and Remedies for Maintaining Your Outdoor Hardscapes

We know better than anyone that pavers, concrete, and natural stone are expensive and I see so many patios not protected. So why not protect that investment.

Pavers Sealant

There are so many reasons why sealing a patio or drive is beneficial. Here are just a few:

  • it adds a protective coat against stains like oil or wine
  • it prevents corrosion from salt, it resists water and improves durability
  • Additionally, it enhances color, and stabilizes joint sand, which increases structural integrity, reduces washout, and inhibits weeds and insects.

That’s a lot of good reasons! We add sealer to all patio projects because it protects customer’s investment and reduces maintenance. Advantage Lawn and Landscape has been certified by SureBond Products to properly clean, maintain and seal your investment. Call today for more details on how easy and inexpensive protecting your patio, sidewalk and driveway can be.

Protect your patio and driveway with Surebond sealant and protect your investment. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning and sealing! (309) 275-9641

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Investing in landscaping produces a positive return on investment and spring is the best season to start your landscape design project. Check out our gallery of previous projects for example of our skill and design expertise.

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